Public Relations

What Phil Kent Consulting, Inc. Offers:

0159-ASAPhilKent-032 Message Development- planning media strategy & drafting effective messages in coordination with the client in a way which resonates with public perception.

Writing Services- writing and distributing press releases, researching and writing speeches and other information with the approval of the client; orchestrating the client’s message through Facebook, bloggers and tweeting.

Earned Media- targeting and pitching story ideas to Georgia or national print reporters, editors, TV and talk radio producers, as well as to columnists, to ensure the client’s message is getting through.

Coalition-Building- ensuring that high-profile and/or “heavyweight” allies in Georgia, Washington, D.C., or elsewhere are educated on the client’s issues. Also enlisting these third party allies to provide “surrogate” media and public support.

National Press Club/Atlanta Press Club- Preparation and execution of press conferences at these two venues (and other venues) featuring a celebrity and/or elected official to promote client messaging.