How the Liberal $uper-Rich Undermine America

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Foundations of Betrayal offers a fresh inside look at an overlooked enemy — hundreds of big tax-exempt, leftist foundations that despise free enterprise and, yes, even our Constitution and America’s sovereignty. “Wealth controls culture” and Phil Kent names the control freaks — old-timers like the Ford and Rockefeller foundations as well as devious newcomers like George Soros. Issues ranging from radical environmentalism to open borders serve as their main battering rams to remold America. These unaccountable elites also pay church groups to join their leftward march. They even promote deviant sexual behavior.

Kent lifts the curtain to expose shocking ways foundations abuse their awesome power:
• Major foundations hijacked to attack capitalism
• Billionaire George Soros targets U.S. as the ‘main obstacle’
• Ford’s agenda— helping radical Muslims & even suicide bombers
• Foundation-backed Greenpeace undermines U.S. troops
• Huge grants for radical environmentalism, open borders

book2The Dark Side of Liberalism
Unchaining the Truth

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A call to arms for common-sense Americans concerned with the direction taken by this nation’s government and culture, Dark Side of Liberalism strips the bark off liberal arguments, challenging conservatives to speak out with forceful clarity. Not an “academic” book, Dark Side is an accessible, timely ‘how-to’ guide for inspired Americans. Dark Side offers a fresh look at America’s big issues, devoting a chapter to each of our most controversial and frustrating concerns.

Dark Side describes the ‘liberal line,’ shares the good news about conservative success, and outlines effective techniques for fighting back in the courts, the media, and in our communities.

Phil Kent, a nationally recognized conservative journalist and former president of Southeastern Legal Foundation, one of the nation’s leading conservative legal and policy groups, blends the topical, relevant language of the Founding Fathers with innovative analysis offered by today’s brightest conservatives.

Phil’s story is a front-line account of the real battle for the hearts and souls of Americans caught between the influence of the liberal elites and the timeless truth that liberty is essential to human dignity and justice. Dark Side of Liberalism puts a practical, useful point on the words of Thomas Paine, who said, “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigues of supporting it.” It’s a must-have for Americans young and not-so-young who seek a useful guide for arguing – and winning – the conservative cause for freedom.