Multiculturalism’s gift: Rising gang crime


On December 4 The History Channel televised a sobering program titled “Gangland,” which documents the rise, recruitment and activities of violent Hispanic gangs in the metropolitan Atlanta area since the 1990s. Of course, this is a story unfolding in all major cities.

DeKalb County, Ga., Assistant District Attorney Mike Carlson said during the program that Georgia’s law had to be revised to be more effective in prosecuting these criminal “families,” and he noted other states must catch up with legislation geared to fit 21st century gang crimes. Carlson says the ideal recruitment targets for these gangs are 10- to 13-year-olds who are given criminal tasks in order to create long-term loyalty.

The Center for Immigration Studies reports that the federal Immigration Control Enforcement (ICE) and local law enforcement agencies together arrested 3,865 individuals involved with about 650 different immigration and or/transnational criminal street gangs in fiscal year 2008. These arrests under Operation Community Shield occurred all over the nation— even in rural areas. Since 2005, ICE has arrested over 8,000 from 700 gangs, mostly Hispanic.

The CIS reports that in 2008 “more than 80 percent of the foreign nationals arrested were illegal aliens” and “more than 10 percent had been deported before, making them subject to federal criminal charges.” More than 40 percent had violent criminal histories, including 80 with murder charges, and nearly a fourth had been charged with drug offenses.

Those swept up by Operation Community Shield in 2008 included citizens of 53 different countries, with most from Mexico and Central America. The gang with the largest number arrested was Surenos-13, which the “Gangland” program describes as perhaps the most violent and feared in the country.

Even liberal police chiefs and politicians in major cities are now being forced to acknowledge the dramatic increase of these gangs, and they are being pressured to finally combat them because of rising crime rates coupled with the outcry from outraged citizens of all political persuasions.

The soft-on-immigration lobby claims that illegal aliens refrain from reporting crimes out of fear of deportation, yet the CIS found “no substantiated case of crime victims who were removed as a result of having reported crimes to authorities, unless the victims happened to be criminals as well.” The study found that immigrants coming forward to report crimes are usually the main avenue local law enforcement is able to launch investigations against criminal aliens.

It is hard to be outraged at the rising tide of gang-related violence, but the recent two-hour rape and torture of a 15-year old white girl during her homecoming dance at Richmond High School in Richmond, Ca., by Mexican and black gangsters is an exceptional shocker. (Black and Hispanic gangs usually fight each other, yet share one bond– they hate and attack whites.) Witnesses reported over 20 other students cheered on the brutal attack. The victim’s school is 72 percent Mexican, 14 percent black, 12 percent Asian and only 2 percent white. One of the victim’s grief-stricken white friends told a reporter: “Here at this school my sister and I are the minorities, but to you, the minorities are what surrounds me.” Indeed, as the graph on the last page of The Middle American News underscores, if present trends continue by 2042 then whites will comprise just 46 percent of the U.S. population.

Unless there is a moratorium on legal immigration coupled with stepped-up enforcement efforts to significantly curb illegal immigration, then this country will be radically transformed demographically. It will be highlighted by more and more gang atrocities like that at Richmond High which, by the way, rarely occurred in the United States before “multiculturalism” and “open borders” became liberalism’s dominant dogmas.