Left-wing Corporate Media Is Dying

Corporate media is the enemy
By Phil Kent

I worked as a journalist for over 25 years at a daily newspaper, and now labor as a media/communications consultant. I have never been more ashamed of my chosen line of work— the newspaper profession—as I am today. The establishment media, especially the “big three” television networks, were liberal 25 years ago but there was a pretense of objectivity. Now there is virtually none.

Consider the appointment by the president of an admitted communist to be one of his White House advisors. That’s news, right? Yet there was virtually no reportage of that in the mainstream media. Fortunately, a few courageous journalists led by Glenn Beck of Fox News exposed Van Jones by quoting his anti-white, communistic and conspiracy opinions. Few if any reporters in the mainstream press wrote about Jones before he was forced to resign. And even after this fanatic resigned, the New York Times and most newspapers gave it scant attention.

I obtained my college journalism degree in order to be a crusader— especially when it involved exposing public corruption. Today, investigative journalists exposing corruption are few and far between. Today, we see such crusading left to two enterprising young people— one posing as a pimp and the other as a prostitute— to sneak a hidden camera into a left-wing ACORN office to expose law-breaking. Thank goodness Fox News, the Internet and talk radio did an end run around the establishment media by informing Americans of ACORN’s pattern of abuse. (The alternative “conservative” media, especially talk radio, is popular not just because it is “conservative”– it is because it disseminates vital information the liberal media omits or twists.)

Consider that most journalists failed to read (like a lot of national lawmakers) details of various healthcare proposals introduced– just like they failed to research and analyze the costly “stimulus” bill hurriedly passed last spring.

Then there’s the illegal immigration/healthcare issue, highlighted by a congressman shouting to the president “You Lie!” There was no provision whatsoever in House Bill 3200 for verification and enforcement regarding the illegals. And Obama knew it. Yet dishonest liberal journalists sided with Obama, except that two days after the shout-out even some Democratic senators acknowledged that – guess what?—enforcement and verification ought to be included in any healthcare legislation.

The tremendous cost of proposed Obamacare was not thoroughly vetted this summer by the leftists who dominate newspaper newsrooms and the ABC, NBC, CBS television studios. A large majority of American realize that if you subsidize 30 to 47 million new people with healthcare benefits, you are bound to raise taxes and ration healthcare for seniors. And the issue of where the country would get the additional doctors and medical personnel to care for these millions has never been addressed by the establishment media.

Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs, when asked about the Sept. 12 Washington, D.C., taxpayers’ rally that apparently drew 1 million participants, initially said he was unaware of the event. Most liberal reporters were “unaware” too. They downplayed it or didn’t cover it. And some liberal pundits portrayed participants as a “lunatic fringe,”

In light of all this media dishonesty, let’s be glad that liberal newspapers are dying and that viewership for the nightly “news” on ABC, NBC and CBS is steadily dwindling.

Those patriots whom liberals dismiss as a “lunatic fringe” will hopefully turn out again to defeat sell-out members of Congress in the 2010 elections. If that happens, perhaps the socialist Obama agenda can be stalled— and then a continuing voter backlash could make Obama a one-term president in 2012..