Bill Ayers”s Educational Poison

By Phil Kent

Ever since January Barack Obama’s administration, a Democratic Party majority in Congress and their allies in the media have been steadily working to change this country’s culture and private enterprise system— and, in the process, ruin Middle America.

Often overlooked in how this country’s cultural and educational decline allowed the 2008 election of the most radical left-wing president ever is the role of the political Left within our education system over the past 40 years.

The notorious Bill Ayers, the one-time radical Weather Underground leader whose group bombed government buildings and killed people in the name of fighting “imperialism” and “racism,” recently told the World Education Forum that all education programs should have a goal: “the motor-force of revolution.”

When Ayers first surfaced in the media during the 2008 presidential campaign for hosting an Obama fund-raiser and serving on a foundation board with him, not much was reported about his work as a “distinguished professor of education” at the University of Chicago. It’s instructive, therefore, to reveal to the general public what Ayers and other leftist professors have taught students since the Vietnam war era. In fact, in his 2001 memoir “Fugitive Days,” the Weatherman openly dreamed of destroying private enterprise and fantasized about a “red army” marching in to take over amidst the chaos of the Vietnam-era protests.

Georgia English professor Mary Grabar, in a devastating white paper, chronicles Ayers’ background:

“Although Ayers is touted as an innovator, his pedagogy differs very little from the ideas of the Columbia Teachers college where he earned his graduate degree. Indeed, the notion of students spontaneously “constructing” their own knowledge goes back to the progressive era. Now it has been mainstreamed into the educational establishment by those of Ayers’ generation. Education professors specialize in such areas as “queer theory” and “post-colonialism.”

Ayers also serves as vice president of the curriculum studies division in the 25,000-member American Educational Research Association. As a professor of curriculum, Grabar writes, Ayers tells future teachers to eschew curriculum– except as false evidence in the event an administrator should ask for it. He promotes “experimental” methods where students are expected to be “constructors of their own knowledge.” Not surprisingly, Ayers’ latest book is titled “Race Course Against White Supremacy” – essentially a vicious, self-hating screed against the white race.

The Grabar report, available on the Internet at, underscores that Ayers’ techniques of fomenting racial discord are the same strategies that Communist defector Louis F. Budenz outlines in his 1954 book “The Techniques of Communism.”

An aroused public in all 50 states must pressure the overseers of their taxpayer-supported college systems so that tenured professors like Ayers are either removed or sidelined to a university broom closet. Traditional college education involves imparting critical thinking and marketable skills to students. The relentless brainwashing of students by the “Ayers School” has nothing to do with that goal— and unfortunately has succeeded in turning all too many dumbed-down students against patriotism, our free enterprise system and our traditional Eurocentric law and culture.